New Racing Point's uncanny Mercedes resemblance noted by rivals

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Rivals of Racing Point have noted the uncanny similarity between the new RP20 and last year's Mercedes.

The latest pink panther hadn't been seen before Sergio Perez hit the track on Wednesday in Barcelona at the start of pre-season testing.

But when it did, immediately the near-identical front nose and wing section to last year's W10 was noticeable, as was the shape of the sidepods.

“We have been working in the Mercedes wind tunnel since May last year, it makes more sense to follow their concept than to build a Red Bull," technical director Andy Green told Auto Motor und Sport. 

"All the tools and test procedures in the Mercedes channel are tailored to this concept."

Racing Point has been increasing its partnership with the German manufacturer beyond just an engine supply and Green went on to reveal just how much of the RP20 came from Brackley.

"Front and rear suspension and the transmission come one to one from the 2019 Mercedes."

Yet, despite the copycat claims that would make Haas and Ferrari jealous, the Racing Point chief had this to say to describe his new creation.

"This is the car we have always wanted to build," he declared with a grin. "If we get the data on the line, we will take a giant step forward."

Perez has already hinted at the pace of the new Racing Point, finishing third fastest behind the RP20's bigger brother the Mercedes W11 (just kidding, maybe).

And Auto Motor und Sport's Tobi Gruener confirmed several midfield rivals are unhappy with the apparent clone, which teams exactly though, he couldn't say.