Ferrari seek FIA clarification on DAS, expect no copy before 'mid-season'

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Ferrari will seek FIA clarification on Mercedes' new DAS system but appear comfortable with the governing body's current stance.

On Thursday, the reigning world champions shocked the paddock when Lewis Hamilton was seen deploying the innovative 'Dual-Axis Steering' device during pre-season.

It works by the driver either pulling and pushing the steering wheel down the straights which in turn then alters the toe angle of the front tyres.

Because it is unconnected to the suspension system, DAS has been deemed legal, though a new provision in the regulations has already banned it from 2021.

“Obviously it’s very nice to be on the team running that kind of system,” Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas said via RaceFans. “I think it tells something about the great minds our team has.

"For sure it’s not an easy thing to start making and designing and then actually to make it work as it is now.

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“We’re still learning about the system and the potential. I think in some kind of circumstances it can be pretty good.

“But then we’ll be shown later on in the year in different conditions, different tracks, how it can help us if it can. It’s quite impressive but it works all fine.”

While Red Bull was quick to question the legality of DAS through their outspoken advisor Helmut Marko, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto was more calm.

“I’ve seen that there is a lot of discussion about it,” he told the media in Barcelona on Friday.

“Personally myself, I didn’t really look in detail, what it’s about, but I think we trust fully the FIA.

“I’m pretty sure that they have already done the right decision, or they will do it, but I completely trust what the FIA will judge.

“Are we discussing with them? Not yet.

“We will do for clarification because it is important for us to understand, but as I said, we will not challenge the FIA on their decision because we trust them fully on what will be or has been the decision on that.”

Depending on the success of DAS, other teams may have to consider coming up with their own versions to keep pace.

But like McLaren's F-duct in 2010, it's unlikely they could master the design quickly.

“I think in case it is worthwhile, which I have no idea or not, but it will certainly take longer than [Melbourne],” Binotto said.

“It needs an entire concept, design, producing it, homologation and tested to be safe. If it is, I think it can be by mid-season but not earlier.”