Carlin fears motorsport 'on a knife-edge' financially due to Covid-19

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Carlin team founder Trevor Carlin fears the whole motorsport industry is "on a knife-edge" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Almost all races in the major racing series' have been either cancelled or postponed until June hitting Carlin, who have operations in IndyCar, F2, F3 and ELMS, and all other teams hard financially.

In Formula 1, rule changes planned for 2021 have already been delayed and more measures are being discussed to help the smaller outfits, but for those who race elsewhere, there is little help in sight.

"I've got a skeleton crew in the factory to get the cars prepared and doing factory maintenance, then I'd expect in a week we'll probably have to close down as well," Carlin revealed to City AM.

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"If the cars aren't running, then sponsors have no reason to pay and they'll probably start delaying payments and then we're on a bit of a knife-edge financially.

"If it goes on for six months there's a chance the team won't exist. Hopefully, it won't be six months but the whole industry is on a knife-edge, though motor-racing is one thing at the end of the day and everyone's livelihoods are at stake."

In the UK, all motorsport activities were cancelled until the end of June on Tuesday after stricter measures were implemented by the government.

And F1 teams based there have now taken the chance to undertake the mandatory three-week factory shutdown announced by the FIA last week.

“Following the latest UK Government advice issued yesterday evening, the team will be starting its official shutdown period from Wednesday 25th March at 6am, lasting for 21 days until 6am Wednesday 15th April," Williams confirmed with McLaren doing the same thing.

Ferrari and AlphaTauri are also undertaking their shutdowns now, as the situation in Italy remains dire.