Silverstone to decide British GP fate next month

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Silverstone will decide whether July's British Grand Prix will go ahead next month amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, the first eight races of the 2020 Formula 1 season have either been cancelled or postponed though this week, Canada, France and Austrian GP organisers have all signalled their intent to proceed as scheduled.

In Britain, however, the situation is a little more complicated with Motorsport UK cancelling all events in the country until the end of June, just three weeks before the race at Silverstone is set to take place on July 19.

"The thing is about this event is that it's not our decision alone," circuit boss Stuart Pringle told GPFans.

"We wouldn't do anything without agreement with Formula One, and jiggling an international calendar, and the challenges with that.

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"We're in very close communication, we're looking at it, we're trying to find the right answer. The easy thing is to say, 'Well, it's not possible is it?'

"But actually, very extreme action is being taken at the moment, and we might yet get on top of things rather quicker than they have previously indicated.

"We'll see, but sooner rather than later we're going to have to make a decision that's for sure, but 12 weeks is the drop-dead date to get things prepared."

Based on Pringle's assessment then, April 20 is the deadline for the final decision on the F1 race, although any further extensions by either the government or Motorsport UK on restricting movements could decide it for them.

But as he also notes, strict lockdown measures in the UK are keeping the numbers of Covid-19 cases down lower than initially feared, offering hope the outbreak could be under control sooner than expected.