Marko suggested putting Red Bull driver stable into a 'Corona camp'

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Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko suggested putting their driver stable into a 'Corona camp' to make them immune from the Covid-19 virus.

Currently, all major motorsport series' are on hold due to the global pandemic with most countries implementing a lockdown, demanding the population only go out for essential needs and practice social distancing.

Marko though wanted to do the exact opposite, believing getting the coronavirus would be the best way to overcome the fear of it.

“We have four Formula 1 drivers and eight or 10 juniors, the idea was that we would organise a camp to mentally and physically bridge the dead time,” he said speaking to Austrian TV channel ORF.

“They are all strong young men in good health. That way they would be prepared whenever the action starts and you can be ready for what will probably be a very tough championship once it starts."

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However, Helmut's superiors weren't exactly on board with his rather crazy idea. 

“Let’s put it this way: it has not been well received," he revealed.

Instead, most racing drivers are sticking to their traditional methods of staying sharp, training and sim racing.

"Max [Verstappen], for example, I think he drives more races than in a real season. He does sim racing and sometimes competes in several races per day," Marko said.

"At the same time, they all have their own physio, which they use for fitness exercises. That's ideal for working out now.

"If there is a racing season with 15 to 18 races, it will be very, very tough. There is no possibility to improve your fitness during the season. So it's actually ideal to use this time now."

Perhaps the Red Bull advisor's willingness to expose his drivers to Covid-19 comes from what he believes is his own interaction with the illness.

“I had what I thought was a severe cold and the symptoms would match corona,” he claimed. “It was also something that I had never had in this intensity.

“I don’t know if it was because the test options are currently very limited but as soon as there is a chance, I would like to be tested afterwards.”