Hamilton to Ferrari in 2023? 'Never say never'

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While the door at Maranello is closed for now, Formula 1 should "never say never" to Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari in the future.

Last week it was confirmed Sebastian Vettel would be departing the Scuderia at the end of 2020, but the Italian team already had his replacement lined up in Carlos Sainz, who will join on a two-year deal.

But while the chances of ever seeing Hamilton in red now seem almost none, Sky Sports' Martin Brundle doesn't think it is impossibility just yet.

“It would be electric to see Hamilton in a Ferrari, but I don’t think it would suit Lewis right now," he said.

“He’s 35 years old, and we’re talking about young guns in their early 20s that Ferrari is focusing on.

“I don’t necessarily think Ferrari wanted to pair up [Charles] Leclerc with Hamilton, but never say never – this is a strange old business.”

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Another former driver turned pundit is ruling out any thought of seeing the six-time world champion jump ship from Mercedes, however...

“No. I don’t think so," David Coulthard told the Daily Mail.

“Lewis Hamilton has been with Mercedes for most of his career, certainly with Mercedes power, initially with McLaren and now with Mercedes. I just think he’s made for British teams.

“Even if he did leave Mercedes, I just don’t see him fitting in with the culture at an Italian-based team.

“I say that as someone who had a contract offered to me to race with Ferrari, in 1996, and in the end I just felt more comfortable with British teams.

“I’m not being disrespectful or nationalistic, I just don’t think I would have fitted in, and I think that’s the case with Lewis. He fits better with Mercedes.

“I think he’ll be there, or he’ll retire.”

Currently Hamilton remains out of contract at the Brackley-based team beyond this year.