Red Bull want DAS clarifications from FIA after Mercedes use in Austria

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Red Bull is to ask for clarification from the FIA on the legality of Mercedes' DAS system after it was used during Friday practice in Austria.

The 'Dual-Axis Steering' was one of the biggest talking points from pre-season testing back in February after Lewis Hamilton was seen using it for the first time.

It works by the driver pulling the steering wheel towards him in the cockpit which then causes the front tyres to toe-in offering various benefits.

Despite the FIA declaring it legal for this season only, Red Bull was expected to protest the DAS in Australia but of course never got the chance.

With the season though finally getting underway in Austria this weekend, they have raised doubts over its legality.

"We'll wait to see if it is fitted to their cars," team boss Christian Horner said on Sky Sports, with Valtteri Bottas then see using DAS in Practice 1.

"Obviously it's a complicated system, it's a clever system. We're after some clarifications from the FIA, and start raising some questions about it."

With Red Bull though appearing to back down from a full protest, that raised the question as to whether they had their own DAS-style system in the works?

“You could interpret it like that if you choose to!" Horner said.

“It depends what it actually does and achieves. Everything has to earn its place on the car. Obviously it’s a clever system, an ingenious system, these rules are so complex, it’s just understand in which part of the regulations it fits.”

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The main argument appears to be over whether the device breaches parc ferme regulations over what can and can't be changed once the cars roll out for qualifying.

And with the system clearly changing the toe angle of the front tyres, that appears to be the most likely legal question.

On the topic, FIA race director Michael Masi said he would deal with any complaints or questions on a case-by-case basis.