Brawn defends Racing Point copying Mercedes, Wolff digs at midfield teams

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Formula 1 motorsport boss Ross Brawn has defended Racing Point's controversial 2020 car after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Silverstone-based team is easily the most improved outfit on the grid this season after changing design philosophy and creating a car that many have dubbed a 'Pink Mercedes' for its similarity to last year's W10.

For some though, that has raised questions over the Racing Point's legality, with Renault protesting the RP20 after both the Styrian and Hungarian Grand Prix's.

Giving his view on the matter, however, Brawn made the obvious point that few have, copying parts from a rival car is not exactly new in F1.

"My view is copying in Formula 1 is standard," said Brawn in his post-race column on

"Every team has, in normal times, digital photographers in the pit lane out there taking thousands of photos of every car for analysis, with a view of copying the best ideas. We used to give our photographers a shopping list.

"There is not a single team in this paddock which has not copied something from another. Racing Point has just taken it to the next stage and done a more thorough job."

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The current area of contention in Renault's protest of the Racing Point cars relates to the front and rear brake ducts, which were impounded after the Styrian GP.

However, because of a rule change for 2020, Brawn explained why reaching a clear verdict on whether any rules were broken will be difficult.

"Last year, Racing Point had access to and could use 2019-spec Mercedes brake ducts because they were not a listed part. This year, brake ducts are listed parts, so you have to design your own," he said.

"However, Racing Point cannot forget the knowledge they acquired using the 2019 Mercedes brake ducts. I think it is illogical to think they can wipe their memory banks.

"It is a tricky problem and one for the FIA experts to resolve."

When asked last weekend, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff brushed off concerns about the legality of the Racing Point car and instead used its success to take a dig at the other midfield teams.

"I can't judge because I'm not looking under the bodywork," he said on whether the RP20 really is a 'Pink Mercedes'.


"From the outside, everything has been within the regulations. Racing Point has been in close contact as far as I understand with the FIA about the whole process.

"They seem to have re-engineered our car, they have bought non-listed parts from us last year, and they are just doing a good job.

"All the complaining we heard last year that the smaller teams are never able to compete for podiums and race wins is being shown it's absurd, because Racing Point is right up there, they are faster in some corners than we are, and it's a good challenge to see that," he added.

"It proves that with the right leadership, the right decision-making process and the right funding you can actually accelerate your development curve.

"So lessons to be learned, and I'm happy to see them there. The Racing Point is a podium contender, if not a race-winning contender, going forward."