Hulkenberg confirms some conversations over a 2021 F1 return

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Nico Hulkenberg has confirmed some conversations with team bosses over a full-time Formula 1 return in 2021.

After being dropped by Renault at the end of last year, the German got an unexpected call from Racing Point last week to compete in both Silverstone races after Sergio Perez tested positive for Covid-19.

His comeback to the paddock has unsurprisingly led to questions as to whether Hulkenberg could be an option for teams like Alfa Romeo and Haas, both of whom showed interest in him last year.

And Nico isn't ruling anything out.

“I’ve been in contact with quite a few people from the F1 industry, and team principals, because obviously we all know each other,” said Hulkenberg earlier this week.

“Some is just casual chat, some is more about the future subject. So I’m definitely in discussions and in talks there, but nothing to say concrete yet.

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“I guess it’s still a matter of a couple of weeks before things will get a bit more concrete and firm.

“If not F1, to be honest that’s not so clear in my mind yet either. I think I’ll take one step at a time and then see how things roll and which way they are going in a couple of weeks’ time.”

His stock certainly made a massive jump on Saturday, however, after Hulkenberg qualified third for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

But even if the 32-year-old went on and finally claimed his first F1 podium in the race, he doesn't think it would be a clincher for a 2021 ride.

“Of course, if you have a strong result it’s always a good advertisement and you know that stands always, that’s valid all the time," he commented.

“But I think people and especially team principals, they don’t just look at one event, a one-off, especially when it’s under these circumstances.

“So of course it would be good and I would love to have a great race and if I’m in the car, I just want to be a good replacement to help the team as much as I can and contribute during the race weekend.

“The rest, I think that will sort itself out later, it’s kind of a separate matter.”