F1 can't make multiple tripleheaders the 'new standard' post-2020 - McLaren

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Formula 1 can't make the flurry of tripleheaders seen this year the "new standard", McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl says.

Due to Covid-19, the 2020 season saw the latest start to a championship in the sport's 70-year history last month, this after the first 10 races were cancelled or postponed.

To meet the goal of at least 15 races needed to earn full TV broadcasting revenue, F1 has amassed a hectic calendar of 13 races in 17 weeks, with as many as five more expected across November and December.

But while this season has proved the sport is capable of running such a busy schedule, Seidl says that shouldn't be seen as a signal by F1 to use them every year.

"Given the special circumstances we are in this year, it's something we simply have to get through this year. But at the same time, this cannot be the new standard going forward also in future seasons," the McLaren chief told Autosport.

"I don't think that the biggest challenge is actually the work we have to do out here at the track. It's tough work, but I think the biggest issue is being away from the families and the kids and so on, for each team member.

"And we need to be aware that the longer we go now in the season, especially the tripleheaders that are coming later on, that will be a big challenge for the team."

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At the same time, however, McLaren believes their team understands the need for the hectic schedule to ensure the future of F1 financially.

"What we do from a team side is try to make travelling, accommodation, and everything we can provide to the team here at the track and back at the hotels as comfortable as possible and as good as possible, simply to get through as a team in the best possible shape," Seidl continued.

"At the same time, I think everyone inside the team understands that this is a special season, under special circumstances after this virus broke out. We all understand also that it's absolutely necessary for the existence of the teams that we do these races this year.

"I simply hope that with everything we do together with the team, having an open ear also, listening to where the problems are within the team or each team member, and we hopefully manage to get through in a sustainable way."