Ferrari, Renault pursue Racing Point appeal, McLaren & Williams pull out

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Ferrari and Renault will proceed with their appeals against the stewards' decision regarding Racing Point's brake ducts, they have confirmed.

Last Friday, the FIA handed Racing Point a 15-point deduction and a 400k Euros fine after determining the rear brake ducts on their 2020 car broke the regulations on listed parts as they were initially designed predominantly by Mercedes.

However, rather than solving the dispute, the punishment only inflamed it with five teams initially signalling their intent to appeal.

Their issue isn't so much about the brake ducts but rather the process that Racing Point undertook the create what has been dubbed a 'Pink Mercedes' by reproducing last year's W10 through photos and data bought from the Brackley-based team.

The fear is the punishment wasn't a sufficient enough deterrent to stop other teams taking a similar route, potentially leading to a grid of 'copycat' car designs.

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In a statement on Tuesday, Ferrari formally confirmed they would appeal both the stewards' decision from last Friday and included the reprimand Racing Point got after the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Soon after Renault followed suit, though only referred to the Friday decision in their appeal.

“In the meantime, we will continue to work intensively with the FIA and all stakeholders to develop and implement a clear and enforceable regulatory framework that will ensure all teams participating in the 2021 season will develop their original aerodynamic concept by themselves," their statement added.

Meanwhile, McLaren and Williams have opted not to move forward with their appeals citing the commitments the FIA have now made on the issue of 'copycat' cars.

“McLaren Racing has decided not to appeal the decisions of the FIA Stewards in relation to Renault’s protests of Racing Point,” McLaren said in a statement.

“The team welcomes the Stewards’ decisions and findings in this case and importantly that the FIA has demonstrated that transgressions of the rules will be investigated and punished.

“Moreover, McLaren Racing is pleased that the FIA will further clarify the sporting and technical regulations to protect Formula 1 as a sport where teams are clearly defined as Constructors, and removes the potential that the Formula 1 World Championship includes cars that are, in effect, copies of other competitors’.

“Taking the above and a broad view of all factors into account, McLaren Racing will not continue with an appeal in this case.

“Additionally, McLaren Racing respects the decisions of Ferrari and Renault to pursue their appeals and will follow proceedings with interest.”

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Williams later said: “We believe the FIA’s decision to seek the prohibition of extensive car copying for 2021 onwards addresses our most fundamental concern and reasserts the role and responsibility of a constructor within the sport, which is fundamental to Formula 1’s DNA and Williams core beliefs and principles."

It also can't be ignored that Williams is a current customer of Mercedes, while McLaren will also partner with the German manufacturer in 2021.

And Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was trying to mediate between the two sides to avoid the appeals process taking place.

Racing Point too signalled an intention to appeal as they maintain their innocence and want the original punishment overturned.