Vettel hints at F1 stay in 2021: 'In a way, I've made my decision'

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Sebastian Vettel has hinted that he will remain in Formula 1 next season.

The four-time champion is of course leaving Ferrari at the end of this year, but is being heavily linked to Racing Point for when it is rebranded as Aston Martin in 2021.

It is even suggested that an announcement was set to be made at Silverstone before Sergio Perez, who Vettel would replace, missed both races after testing positive for Covid-19.

Even so, speaking to German TV channel RTL, the 33-year-old offered a clear indication that something was in the pipeline.

“In a way, I’ve made my decision. Now it will show whether something sensible will come together or not,” said Vettel.

“It will take a few more weeks, nothing will change today. I don’t see why I have to be put under pressure.

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“If the right project comes around the corner, I believe I still have a lot to give.

"If that is not the case, I am not interested in just continuing just to be there. What is on the paycheque is less important.”

Adding further fuel to the raging fire that Vettel will join Aston Martin was a sighting by veteran F1 photographer Mark Sutton of the German leaving Silverstone with Racing Point CEO Otmar Szafnauer after the British GP...

“It’s correct, we were heading to the fuel station,” Seb said. “After the fuel station he was going home and I continued going somewhere else.

“It’s a nice car. It’s a Ferrari Pista. I remember years ago he was talking about that car, now he obviously got one. He said he was running out of fuel, I said ‘Well, where are you going?’ and we were heading in the same direction so I was going with him to the fuel station and then went somewhere else.

Vet Szafnauer

“We were in the same car but we were wearing masks. We obviously can’t be two meters apart. I find it a bit awkward nowadays, people make a fuss out of everything and that actually I don’t see the point, I don’t see the news in that, but OK, fine!”

Vettel also reiterated his main wish when it comes to his 2021 plans, that he is in control.

“I’ve got lots of possibilities,'' he added. “Maybe not so many in Formula 1 as you can do the math and see which seats are taken, but I think as I’ve always mentioned the most important is that I’m happy with my choice.

"Time will tell what the choice is and then go from there, so I’m not too stressed about it.”