Ricciardo tips Vettel to 'bounce back' rather than 'walk away' from Ferrari issues

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Daniel Ricciardo believes Sebastian Vettel will "bounce back" rather than "walk away" from his current issues at Ferrari.

The four-time world champion has had a difficult start to what is his final season at the Italian team, scoring just 10 points in five races with a best finish of sixth in Hungary.

Frustration then reached its peak during the past two weekends at Silverstone, where Vettel struggled massively compared to teammate Charles Leclerc as he lacked confidence in the car following reliability and other issues in practice.

And that even led to suggestions that Seb might not see out this season at Ferrari.

"I don't think [I'll leave early], we haven't even considered or spoken about it," the German said on Thursday.

"I know the job that I can do. It's not been the cleanest run but I'm sure if things calm down and I get a decent chance, then I will use it."

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That response echoed the view of Vettel's former Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo, who said it wasn't in his nature to give up when times are tough.

“I think one thing with Seb, is he’s very – it’s probably not the right word, but he’s very passionate about the sport,” said the current Renault driver.

“He loves it and I don’t think he’s a guy to just, I don’t know, scrunch up a piece of paper and throw it in the bin and just be like, ‘Ah, yeah, whatever.’

“He’s someone that’s going to analyse everything and find a way to improve or find an answer to a question. I don’t think he’s the guy to just walk away from a problem.

“He cares too much, whether it’s pure love for the sport, or about the pride he has in himself. But he’s just… German efficiency, I guess!"

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To help Vettel, Ferrari has given him a new chassis for this weekend's Spanish GP and somehow, someway, Ricciardo believes Seb will find the answers he's looking for.

“I expect him to bounce back, I certainly do,” he continued, “I think in the sport, I’ve enjoyed being not only a teammate but for sure a competitor with him.

“I said it really from the start when the Ferrari news got announced, if he wants to keep doing it and if he believes he can keep doing it at the top level, that he’s shown in the last 10 years, then 100% he should stay in the sport, he’s good for the sport.

“That’s up to him to answer, but I do expect him to bounce back.”