'Maybe Wolff and Hamilton are thinking about their future together'

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Suggestions that the respective future's of Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes are entwined are growing.

Last weekend in Spain, the Austrian gave a pretty strong hint that he will step aside as team boss at the German manufacturer after 2020, suggesting he is in a "moment of reflection" over his current role.

Also, in recent weeks, Toto has voiced frustration at the current political climate in F1, with the controversy playing out involving Mercedes and Racing Point as well as the terms of the new Concorde Agreement, which he has reluctantly agreed to.

That led Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle to suggest he is "fed up" with F1 and now Marc Priestley thinks Wolff's comments have more meaning.

"Toto is not sure about his future and the fact that he speaks so openly about it tells me that he has already made the choice or at least has already had the conversation at home," he said in a YouTube video.

As for how this relates to Hamilton? Well, he too is yet to commit his future to Mercedes after 2020 and has often spoken of his close relationship with Wolff, even if he said last weekend that one man won't decide his future.

But as for the most recent reason the six-time champion gave for delaying his contract talks, Priestley isn't convinced.

"Lewis' argument that he doesn't want to sign a contract yet because of all the suffering of the corona crisis doesn't make sense of course," he said. "That suffering will always be there in the world, so he will never be able to sign a contract.

"Maybe Wolff and Hamilton are thinking about their future together in Formula 1 and at Mercedes."

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