Hamilton won't face FIA investigation into Breonna Taylor t-shirt at Mugello

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Lewis Hamilton will not face an FIA investigation for wearing a t-shirt drawing attention to the case of Breonna Taylor at Mugello.

On Monday, several major media outlets reported the six-time world champion could face a sanction for breaching the governing body's rules on making political statements with the shirt he wore for the pre and post-race ceremonies.

But now RaceFans and GPFans are both now stating the FIA did not submit any complaints to the stewards and therefore, no action will be taken.

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It is understood that a review will now be conducted into the matter of what does and does not constitute a political statement, with such t-shirts such as that Hamilton wore potentially not allowed.

However, the End Racism and Black Lives Matter t-shirts worn before each race this year will be permitted.

Given the divided opinion on the topic, a chunk of the fanbase is unhappy at what they perceive as politics being brought into F1 by the initiatives launched in the wake of George Floyd's death back in May.

However, in response to a Twitter user who accused Mercedes of doing just that, the team responded: "We're not bringing politics into F1.

"These are human rights issues that we are trying to highlight and raise awareness of. There's a big difference."