Red Bull & Marquez don't rule out future switch to F1 after test

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Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko has talked up the possibility of Marc Marquez making a future switch to Formula 1 after testing in Austria on Tuesday.

Given the chance to run a Toro Rosso-liveried RB8 at the Red Bull Ring, the MotoGP world champion completed a solid day of running improving from a steady 1m21 pace initially to lapping in the 1m14's by the end of the day, around four or five seconds off what might be expected in the hands of Daniel Ricciardo.

Still, based on that rate of progression, Marko doesn't see why the Spaniard couldn't potentially make the transition from two to four wheels some day.

"He is an exception in the MotoGP and it looks similar here at F1. I am happy that he gets along so quickly," the Austrian commented.

"A slower program was intended in the first case but I said Marc can do this instantly — and he confirmed that.

"In the coming years, he is going to break a lot more records in MotoGP. Maybe after that, F1 will actually be a possibility," Marko added.

"Up to now only a few exceptional talents, such as John Surtees, have managed to compete in both racing series. Marc also has what it takes.

"Today definitely wasn’t the last time he will sit in an F1 car."

A number of high profile names were in attendance for the event ahead of the Austrian GP next month including Mark Webber who drove the RB8 in anger in 2012.

"He was really quiet still at breakfast," the Australian commented. "As soon as he got into the cockpit, he was 100 percent focused and delivered a top performance on the race track.

"Formula 1 and MotoGP are two completely different things. Marc made my job as an instructor very easy though. He always asked the right questions and improved lap by lap.

“I think he made a progress that would have left him at least in the midfield in Formula 1. To put that kind of performance in within such a short time says everything about his huge talent."

When Marquez was asked if he would fancy a future attempt at the rarely made switch, his reply didn't exactly rule out the possibility.

"My complete focus in the coming years will remain on MotoGP. I’m part of a fantastic team, and I feel fully motivated. Who knows though, maybe Formula 1 will be a serious idea for me in a few years’ time!”