Lewis Hamilton issues warning to rivals ahead of first W10 outing

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Lewis Hamilton has told his Formula 1 rivals that 2019 could his best year yet as he gets to grip with the new Mercedes W10 at Silverstone.

Last season was another example of the Briton's consistency proving enough to take the title as he brushed off a steady start to eventually claim his fifth championship with two races to go.

Rather than showing signs of slowing down, however, Hamilton is only looking for more as he heads into a new season.

“2018 was a great year, but I feel like 2019 can be even better,” he said on Wednesday. “I want to achieve more, I want to continue to keep pushing. I feel energised and I am ready to attack.”

“I’m really looking forward to the next step of our journey together with Mercedes and embarking on what’s not been done before. This is my seventh year with the team and the energy and the determination is really inspiring.”

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New threats are emerging with the aim of ending Hamilton's reign as champion, whether it be from Charles Leclerc at Ferrari or a Max Verstappen-led Red Bull team aiming high with Honda.

But the 34-year-old is fully refreshed for what lies ahead after enjoying himself during the winter period.

“I had a great Christmas with my family and then I went snowmobiling, I went skiing, I went surfing with Kelly Slater, which was amazing," Lewis reflected.

“I completely switched off from racing for a while, trying to focus and re-centre myself and training hard for the new season.”