Kubica: Long-run pace 'much worse' compared to Russell

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Robert Kubica says his long-run pace is where he is struggling most compared to Williams teammate George Russell.

As the British team remains stuck at the back of the grid, it continues to be last year's F2 champion that has the advantage over the returning Pole.

And talking to Sky Sports, Kubica revealed his surprise at his current problems explaining how they bucked his trend since getting back in an F1 car.

“I think that for whatever reason since I drove the new generation cars I had to work on my single-lap pace, but on the long runs, I was always very good," he said.

“Here, since I drove this car, my first long run was in Australia but the pace is nowhere and the feeling is much worse than I ever had on long runs.

“I have no race pace against my teammate. When you see exiting corners you are wheel-spinning and losing the car and he's pulling away.”

In China, Kubica did at least beat Russell in qualifying for the first time but had little positive to say about the race.

"The most exciting moment of the race for me was when I spun on the formation lap," he stated.

"I tried to put heat into the tyres and I lost the car going slow in turn six. I then had a good start and I went to the inside line but honestly, I didn’t want to risk anything.

“I was close to one of the Racing Point’s and I was on the inside and I didn’t know if he would tighten the line, so I left enough space and lost two places there.

"It is difficult to risk something when you know the pace will be what it will be.”

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Despite Robert's pessimism, George was actually more positive about Williams' performance.

“The pace was slightly better than expected, we were battling in the opening couple of laps and we managed to stay with the pack,” Russell said.

“Once things settled down, the gaps started to open, and it was a fairly lonely race for me.

“At the end of the day this is where we are at the moment, we must keep pushing and keep working.”