Formula 1 looking at six possible options for Chinese street race

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Formula 1 owners Liberty Media are reportedly considering upto six possible destinations for a second Grand Prix in China.

Along with the United States, the sport's bosses have been looking to increase interest in the world's most populated nation and the feeling is that the current race in Shanghai isn't sufficient.

Given the size of China, travelling to the country's financial capital isn't easy for most but, in addition to attracting more crowds, the idea is also to offer them something different.

“In terms of interest, we would be highly interested in a street race,” commercial director Sean Bratches told AFP.

"It would be a nice juxtaposition to the purpose-built, extraordinary facility that we have here. Our intent is to bring our show to the people.

"There's meetings set up in each with government officials to talk about identifying a second city to host a Grand Prix.

"We think there's an opportunity to grow from that perspective.”

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The report notes that Beijing is one of the locations being targeted as it sits in the north, but the south also offers options as Formula E has shown with their new race in Sanya.

More broadly, F1 is needing to reconnect with the Asian market with only the long-standing event in Japan and the modern gem of Singapore catching the continent's attention.

Malaysia, India and Korea have all left the calendar but Vietnam is readying for a race in 2020 and there has also been talk of a Philippine Grand Prix in the coming years.