Vettel unconvinced by likely Dutch and Brazilian GP moves

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Sebastian Vettel has voiced his disappointment at two notable calendar changes expected in 2020.

In recent days it has emerged that this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix may well be the last for a few years as the race makes way for the returning Dutch GP next season.

While the event is set to take place at a historic circuit in Zandvoort, the Ferrari driver questioned its suitability in response to a question about the possibility of overtaking this weekend in Barcelona.

"We'd definitely see more here than if we go to Zandvoort!" he retorted. "It's just true, no? It's like Monaco isn't it.

"It would be a shame for Carlos [Sainz to lose the Spanish race]. For the rest of us, we've been here many times and I think we'd still do the testing.

"But it's a nice venue. It's a nice time of year to come here, so it would be a shame."

Williams driver George Russell jumped to Zandvoorts' defence citing the challenging layout, including a high-speed mid-part of the circuit and gravel traps lurking.

But, as Vettel noted: "About the gravel, it won't be there if we go there," he said, referring to the likelihood of tarmac run-off areas for safety reasons and thus removing the Dutch circuit's character.

The Ferrari driver was then asked about the news from Brazil that Interlagos is set to lose the Grand Prix after this season and be replaced by a new venue in Rio de Janeiro for 2020.

“I heard some rumours but I think it’s a shock," he said. “Interlagos is a great place, a lot of history and the old track at Interlagos is even better than the current one!

“But I couldn’t think of anything, other than maybe the track is a little bit short, that Interlagos is missing.

“I’m really looking forward to the last race we have there. Who knows, in the future, if we go back? It’s a great place, so it’s a real shame. I’m sort of a fan of hanging on to old things.

“It would be nice to go back very soon. Maybe have two races in Brazil, since the crowd is usually quite amazing.”

This as the fate of the German, Mexican and British GP's continue to be unresolved, with at least one now expected to join Spain in leaving the calendar.

"We're in the process of finalising our 2020 race calendar," F1 CEO Chase Carey said in a conference call following the release of Liberty Media's Q1 financial results.

"We have agreements in principle on two renewals (likely Monza and Silverstone) and are actively engaged on three other renewals.

"We've not finalised the number of races in 2020, but we currently expect it to be 21, the same as 2019.

"Obviously the math means that we will not be able to renew all our current races [if that is the case]," he concluded.