2020 Hanoi & Zandvoort races reflects Liberty's F1 strategy - Brawn

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Ross Brawn says the inclusion of the Dutch and Vietnamese GP's for 2020 represents Liberty's balanced approach to Formula 1's future.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that Holland is returning to the calendar next season for the first time in 35 years, doing so at the same venue at Zandvoort which last welcomed the sport in 1985.

It also means for the first time since 2008 the sport will have two new races to look forward to, and F1's motorsport director that is only a good thing.

“Today marks an important moment for Formula 1, with the return to the calendar in 2020 of the Netherlands’ Zandvoort circuit that was part of the history of this sport up to the mid-1980s,” Brawn commented.

“It also marks the return of Grand Prix racing to a country that is enjoying a new wave of enthusiasm for Formula 1, thanks to Max Verstappen.


“So, next year we will have a brand new venue in the shape of Vietnam and the sport will return to one of its historic venues," he noted.

"In a way, this reflects our strategy of expanding Formula 1 to new territories, while maintaining its established roots in its birthplace, Europe."

Now confirmed, the hard work begins as major renovations are needed to Zandvoort to meet the required Grade 1 status all circuits must have to hold an F1 race.

This means changes to improve safety at the multiple high-speed turns the circuit is known for and the upgrading of facilities in and around the venue.


“I have fond memories of attending F1 races at Zandvoort during the ’70s and ’80s when we discovered the ground effect phenomena and applied it to the cars, achieving ever-increasing levels of downforce,” Brawn reflected.

“Seeing those cars tackling a corner such as Tarzan was truly spectacular.

"The track and infrastructure are being modernised to meet FIA safety standards and the paddock is being rebuilt, but I believe that Formula 1’s teams and fans will really appreciate the historic atmosphere when we go there next year.”

Sporting director of the Dutch GP, Jans Lammers, has promised all work will be completed well ahead of the 2020 race, which is expected to take place next May.