Ricciardo on Zandvoort: 'Big balls' but likely a 'processional race'

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Daniel Ricciardo has offered a mixed reaction to Formula 1's return to Zandvoort in 2020.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed the sport would have a Dutch Grand Prix for the first time since 1985 next season, at the same venue which has hosted all of the prior 34 races.

While the return to a classic venue has been welcomed, there is still some scepticism as to how well-suited the Zandvoort track will be to modern F1.

“Full honesty here, the track to drive on is pretty awesome,” Ricciardo told Autosport.

“It’s high speed, it’s old school, big balls. From a driving point of view, it’s fine. But how fast it is and how narrow some places are, I don’t think it would be that exciting for overtaking – just my initial feeling.

“With the speeds we go now, following another car will be very difficult and I think it’ll be a very processional race, otherwise, the track’s cool."

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Significant upgrades to the facilities and the reprofiling of several corners are to be done to make the Dutch circuit more suitable to F1.

Even so... “I’m a bit torn. To drive on it’d be fun but to race – with the width of the cars now it’s probably a bit like a street circuit through some places," Ricciardo continued.

“It’ll be tricky to make a really exciting race.

“I only drove a demonstration [in an F1 car], but I raced there in F3 and it keeps your eyes open. Big balls.”