Ferrari should consider focusing on 2020 car soon, Webber claims

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Former Red Bull driver Mark Webber believes Ferrari should consider giving up on this season as soon as post-Canada.

The Scuderia has failed to live upto the expectations of testing and has largely watched on as Mercedes have completed a clean sweep of 1-2 finishes.

After just five races, the gap between the two teams is already 96 points in the Constructors' standings, and if there is no sign of a turnaround soon, then Webber calls on the Italian team to change their focus.

"If the season goes on [like this] for three more months, then Ferrari should focus on next year's car. In fact, if they are still far behind in Canada, they already have a big problem," he told Sky Italia.

"Unfortunately for them, it looks like Mercedes has found an excellent aerodynamic solution and is fast on all types of circuits.

"The team is extremely well organized, especially on race days and they look very convinced and relaxed even though they are also under great pressure."

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In contrast: "Ferrari looks a bit unorganized in terms of strategy and other matters," the Australian noted.

"They are not proactive, it is always a matter of responding to what is happening."

In addition to their pace problems, some also point to the situation within Ferrari, as Sebastian Vettel's position as team leader is threatened by Charles Leclerc.

As a man who knows all too well what it's like to partner the German though, Webber isn't so sure.

"If Ferrari were quick and Vettel had to share the victories with his teammate, then there was only one problem, but now they don't win at all," he said.

"There is pressure because of the expectation of victories and now also pressure because of a fast teammate, that means a double problem."