Verstappen confident of third place after Monaco GP practice

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Max Verstappen sees third place as a very real possibility in Monaco despite a mixed practice on Thursday.

The Red Bull driver was able to split the two Mercedes' in the morning session but would drop down to P6 after failing to set a representative time during the low fuel run in the afternoon.

In fact, Verstappen's second practice was heavily disrupted by a prolonged period in the garage which also prevented a long run on the different tyres.

"I think we are still quick," he told RaceFans

"In the second practice, when everybody went onto their second set, we had a radiator leak because some debris flew into the airbox and damaged one of the radiators so we had to replace it.

"In general, it's alright."

Reassessing his potential for this weekend, however, the Dutchman made an admission that will make Formula 1 groan.

"I think Mercedes is too quick, but the big gap in between second and third, we should fill that up," he stated.

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During his time on track in the afternoon, Verstappen was often heard complaining about the performance of his Red Bull.

However, the 21-year-old revealed he was testing a different approach.

"It didn't work but I know that if we go back to the other set-up, it's not too bad," he explained.

"The balance is OK. They only broadcast the negative things, but in general, it was alright. Of course, you try different things in practice. Some work, some don't, so it's alright."