Kubica was struggling to stay on track is dismal Canada return

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Robert Kubica claims he was struggling simply to stay on track during a miserable Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday.

It was hoped the return to the venue where he won his only Formula 1 race in 2008 might inspire the Pole, who has had a difficult season so far.

Instead, Kubica would endure his worst result since returning with Williams, finishing a lap down on teammate George Russell at the back of the field.

“It was much more difficult than yesterday [qualifying], and already yesterday was difficult,” he told Formula1.com.

“This is normal. Already the car was sliding a lot in qualifying with the softest tyres and low fuel so during the race it often felt more like rally driving than racing.

“Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Formula 1 so it was quite difficult obviously."

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Throughout the season, Kubica has claimed inconsistencies between his car and that given to Russell despite the two drivers actually swapping cars in Spain.

But in the unexpected heat of Montreal, the 35-year-old simply had nothing to offer in terms of performance.

“I struggled just to keep it on track even though I was going really slow," he continued. “We have to understand.”