Vettel accepts the blame for wiping out Verstappen

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Sebastian Vettel held his hands up after colliding with Max Verstappen during the British Grand Prix.

The German had benefitted from the Safety Car to move ahead of the Dutchman and teammate Charles Leclerc into third place.

But when Verstappen charged back through with a bold move at Stowe, Vettel lost control under braking into the Vale chicane, punting the Red Bull into the gravel.

"Well it was my mistake," he admitted, after receiving a 10-second penalty from the stewards.

"Obviously he passed me and then ran a bit wide which gave me the chance to come back, then I looked for a second that he was going to the right and there would be a gap of the left which didn't open and by that time it was too late and I crashed."

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Both were able to recover back to the track with Verstappen finishing fifth, but it was a tough end to what had been an entertaining race for the 21-year-old.

"Racing (with Leclerc) was very hard and aggressive - that was good," he reflected.

"It was looking good (with Vettel). I went for it around the outside and then got rear-ended. He clearly out-braked himself.

"We already spoke to each other; he apologised, so what can you do? Happy to finish fifth."