Ferrari at risk of falling behind Red Bull, Binotto warns

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While focusing on trying to close down Mercedes, Ferrari could find themselves behind Red Bull, team boss Mattia Binotto has warned.

The two teams found themselves in an epic battle for the podium during Sunday's British Grand Prix, with Charles Leclerc inheriting third place after Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel collided.

It is hard to argue, however, that on what should be a power-dominant circuit, it was the Red Bull that was quicker in the race and that is worrying the Ferrari chief.

“I think our package and their package are very close and I think that the last two races have shown it. Are they the second, are we the second? I think we are pretty close," he told

“I think eventually for us, it’s giving us even more boost as we need to further improve, we need to be capable of fighting for the first position at every single race whatever the circuit and it has not been the case here and no doubt in that respect it’s disappointing."

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What was equally disappointing was the considerable gap between Ferrari and Mercedes, given Leclerc had only been 0.079s slower than pole-sitter Valtteri Bottas.

“After qualifying, I would say we were expecting a better result today but the pace was not good enough and I think there is a lot to improve,” Binotto concluded.