Alonso 'clear' on future plans, but F1 and Dakar not included

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Fernando Alonso says it is "clear" to him what his motorsport plans will be next year, but Formula 1 and Dakar won't be included.

The Spaniard's future has remained a closely followed topic after retiring from F1 at the end of last year and leaving WEC after winning his second Le Mans 24 Hours in June.

Recently, his status at McLaren has also been questioned, with CEO Zak Brown confirming while he may not race with the company, he will remain an ambassador.

And when it comes to 2020 Alonso continues to tease, although he is now positive F1 isn't an option.

"In recent years, what F1 can offer me on a personal level is not attractive enough," he said at the launch of the Liberbank Challenge eSports event.

"It was an exceptional stage for me, but today I do not find in F1 the challenges I can get outside it."

Instead: "I have a clear idea of what I am going to do," he added. "I do not leave doors open and I am not waiting or looking for anyone to call me.

"I always chose where and when I wanted to race because I move based on what makes me happy. What I do in the future is in my head and it will be known in due time."

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One option that did appear likely was an attempt at the Dakar Rally after testing a Toyota Hilux earlier this year.

Alonso, however, appeared to pour cold water on the possibility.

"It's an attractive event, the most important, but also opposite to my qualities or way of driving," he said.

"I've never competed on gravel and attempting the toughest rally in the world suddenly would be something extreme."