Ferrari: FIA should reconsider majority rule needed for tyre changes

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Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto claims the FIA should reconsider the need for a majority of teams to agree on a possible change in tyre specification mid-season.

Throughout 2019, several teams, led by the Scuderia and Red Bull, have been critical of a thinner-treaded design that was permanently introduced by Pirelli to solve overheating issues seen last year.

In Austria, the FIA called a meeting on the possibility of reverting to last year's product, however, the motion was beaten with a vote of 5-5 meaning it fell short of the required support of seven teams.  

“I think the story is over now, but the story was over even before Austria,” Binotto said on that push.

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“If you need the majority to change specifications I think there will be never an opportunity to change it.

“We feel, as Ferrari, that it’s a shame, we feel that it would’ve been better for the show to change it.

“I think that even the process itself may need to be improved because we have no voice with the tyre specifications for the season, the only voice we have is by a majority to change them.

"So I think that is something that the FIA needs to think about."

One team that has struggled more than most is Haas, with the American outfit unable to work the compounds enough to use the strength of their chassis.

And at Silverstone last week, driver Kevin Magnussen admitted a decision to switch back to last year's tyres would have likely been positive.

“I expect so because last year it was working better,” he said.

“We still had one or two races last year where we couldn’t understand what was going on, like Mexico where we were just lost and we didn’t understand it and it didn’t work for whatever reason.

“But I think it would be a better situation for us. I can’t tell you why.”