Hamilton wants driver inclusion on circuit selection for F1 races

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Lewis Hamilton believes Formula 1 bosses should consult with drivers when considering circuits for each Grand Prix.

His comments came in the wake of two exciting races at popular venues at the Red Bull Ring and Silverstone which proceeded a much more processional event at Paul Ricard.

This also follows some concerns raised over the likely action (or lack thereof) at Zandvoort when F1 returns to Holland in 2020 and Hamilton suggests the advice of drivers can be important to improving the spectacle.

"Probably in the history of the sport, the drivers have never been a part of the decision making in terms of advising on tracks, but we know better than anybody which tracks we can overtake and which we can't," he said in the post-race press conference.

"I don't know who does the selection but there are tracks being selected for the future which won't have such great racing. People always ask me my favourite tracks and this is one of them because you can follow. It is just spectacular with the high speed.

"And then we've got places where you can't follow and it's like a train. What would you prefer? Having a race in those countries for the sake of having a race? Or do you want a great race like this?"

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Of course, the big hurdle to Hamilton's suggestion is the commercial aspect. For example, Magny-Cours, the former host of the French GP, is likely more popular with drivers than Paul Ricard but may not have the capacity to welcome F1 back.

However, he counters by arguing a number of potential venues should be on the table when a country bids to host a race.

"You need to look at the different options in different countries," he said. "Hopefully the GPDA [Grand Prix Driver's Association] can be part of this next step in the 2021 rules and be a part of advising on that.

"We're here to help make the sport better if they're open to the idea of changes or adapting on tracks, or even using a different circuit in the countries then we should look into that."