Ferrari fears loss of aerodynamic freedom in 2021, Brawn disagrees

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Ferrari has raised concerns over plans for more standard parts and limited aerodynamic development in 2021.

As negotiations continue to agree on a final set of regulations, Formula 1 bosses have pushed to reduce costs by putting several parts, including brake and fuel systems out to tender to be produced by a single supplier.

However, from the start, Ferrari has been resistant to such efforts fearing it jeopardises the DNA of the sport.

“I think we kept a consistent comment on that as Ferrari. We are against the principle of standardisation unless it’s bringing very significant cost savings in both quality and performance to be somehow granted,” team boss Mattia Binotto explained at Silverstone.

“The degree of freedom in aero is also something which we are always very keen and insistent on.”

Further limits are expected to be placed on where teams can develop their cars aerodynamically to avoid undoing the efforts to produce cars that can race closely as well as close up the field.

However, the current development race that takes place each year is still expected to feature. 

“In the objective of 2021, aero has to remain a performance differentiator. I think that’s the objective we got,” Binotto continued.

“There are still weeks to choose whatever regulations we will set for 2021 is a proper one. I think for that reason as well it’s been important to postpone to October instead of June because we felt it was not ready enough.

“I think there is still a constructive and positive collaboration with F1 and FIA but it’s far from closed.”

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F1 motorsport director Ross Brawn brushed off Ferrari's concerns, however, pointing to how today's cars are very similar in design.

"There are complaints that all the cars are going to look the same and the other nonsense we have heard,' he said.

"As an exercise, Pat [Symonds] took all the existing cars and took the livery off them and put them up [on a wall].

"You need to be an extreme geek to pick them out, and even within our office, we managed to pick three out! So when you see the existing cars with the colours taken off, you wouldn’t know.

"Undoubtedly from the relative freedom that the teams have had so far, it is going to be frustrating [with the 2021 rules]," the Briton conceded.

"But if they can take the approach that ‘these regulations are the same for everyone and they will do a better job than anyone else, we just won’t be two seconds faster, we will be two tenths faster’, then that is what we want in F1."