Hulkenberg: Drivers mustn't try to 'run F1' by offering 2021 guidance

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Nico Hulkenberg has warned against drivers trying to effectively "run Formula 1" by offering guidance over the 2021 regulations.

Recently, Lewis Hamilton was the first driver to take an active role in joining Liberty, the FIA and teams in talks to shape the expected rules shake-up.

That participation then increased with all drivers invited to a meeting in Paris, with Hulkenberg one of those to accept.

“It was all in all a very positive meeting,” the Renault driver said.

“Good that we had a say, just contribute trying to help the sport going forward, make it more attractive, a better show, a better product.

“It was very promising and productive, and hopefully we can keep that up going forward.”

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At a time when improving the show for everyone is considered the main goal with practically every item on the table, Hulkenberg has warned against drivers becoming effective rule-makers.

“I don’t know if there always needs to be more [direction], but we just need to give the right feedback and input in the right moments when there are certain proposals of different rules, we can say hang on guys this is a bit crazy or too extreme,” he explained.

“In the past, drivers never ran F1, and I think they shouldn’t, but we can be listened to.

“We are there now. It won’t always be the same drivers going, but it is definitely good to be part of it and to be involved.”