Leclerc never considered motorsport future after Bianchi death

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Charles Leclerc never reconsidered his career in motorsport following the death of his godfather Jules Bianchi.

Last week marked four years since the Frenchman, who like Leclerc was coming through the Ferrari Academy, died of the injuries he sustained at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

But while his loss was very tough for the Monegasque, he acknowledges that it is part of the risk of going racing.

"There was definitely no thoughts any time to stop my career because of that," he told the BBC.

"From the beginning when you go into this sport, you know how dangerous it is. It will never be a safe sport.

"Of course, the cars are getting safer and safer but, when you are going at 340km/h, it can never be safe. This I knew from the start and I just wanted then to be good for him because he had taught me many things.

"He had always pushed me forward and helped me to get better, and the only thought I had when this happened was just to do good for him to make him proud."

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Leclerc is now in the role that Bianchi would have likely taken alongside Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari as the Scuderia looks to their future stars.

And what has been clear throughout his rise upto the top, is the calmness and the lack of ego compared to some around him.

"I am pretty sure it comes from them,” he said, referencing Jules and his father Herve, who died days before he raced in Baku in 2017.

“I don't think I've ever been arrogant or anything like that, so it's also a bit natural. I honestly believe it is the way forward.

"But the fact they kept telling it to me, I think it has helped me."