Verstappen: 'Three or four drivers' as capable as Hamilton

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Max Verstappen claims he can't solely think about being better than Lewis Hamilton as other drivers are at a similar level.

The pair are currently considered as the best on the grid and enjoyed a true head-to-head in Hungary, with the Mercedes driver coming out on top.

However, the Dutchman has never been afraid to play down Hamilton and his achievements and did so again when suggesting they were above the rest.

“I’m not purely focused on Lewis, there are other great drivers in the paddock who can achieve similar things," he told Motorsport Magazine. 

"Looking at the current grid, I think there are three or four drivers with the same capabilities.”

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Instead, Verstappen argues that the aura which has been built around Hamilton has come from having weaker teammates at Mercedes.

“It’s car-dependent, I don’t think he’s had the pressure of a teammate over the years. He should really have won it in 2016 as well if it wasn’t for engine failure," he suggested.