Renault reaching 1000hp? Verstappen offers scathing response

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Max Verstappen offered a brutal comeback to suggestions that Renault is nudging the 1000 horsepower mark with its engine.

A new upgrade coming after the summer break is believed to be worth around 10-15hp which could put the hallowed figure within reach it is claimed.

This after Renault made significant gains over the winter, prompted by years of criticism from Red Bull and Verstappen.

But when asked about it, the Dutchman quickly pointed to their disappointing results to offer his not so subtle response.

"Well, if they claim to have a 1000 horsepower they have a really bad car!" he said. "I think it's better to do the talking on the track than in the media anyway."

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What also generates scepticism of Renault reaching 1000hp is the fact that we don't know if even Mercedes and Ferrari can produce that much power from their party modes.

And according to Valtteri Bottas, neither do they!

"I asked the team because we had some engine issues, we had some talks about the engine and I asked how much horsepower we had in qualifying and the engineers said they don't know, they don't actually know, so no one knows!"