Magnussen: F1 needs 'better racetracks', including the Nordschleife

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Kevin Magnussen has bemoaned today's safety-first approach in Formula 1, calling for a return to "better racetracks" like the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The Dane is well-known for his no-fear approach to racing and has even previously said that he is "prepared to die" on track than calm down his driving style.

Perhaps then, it is no surprise that the Haas driver revealed his interest in arguably F1's most dangerous era.

"I especially liked the time of the early 70s, Formula 1 was still something new back then," he said, speaking to Germany's Auto Motor und Sport.

"It was very purist. At that time the job was harder for the drivers, today everything is so perfect.

"Every little thing is thought about. It's all so safe. I'm not saying safety is bad, but that also involves some negative aspects."

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Circuit design is one area that has evolved considerably over the past two decades, with tarmac run-offs replacing gravel and barriers often shifted back.

Magnussen though does believe it has led to an era of F1 venues that are far from the greatest in the world.

"I would like to have better racetracks," added the Dane. "There are so many great courses around the world that would bring us a lot more fun.

"Don't get me wrong: we already have some good tracks on the calendar, but there are some that are not among the best."

When the idea of F1 returning to the Nordschleife was suggested, Magnussen instantly replied: "Yes, I would be there immediately. Let's do that!"

Of course, such an idea is a fantasy for video games, with the last real F1 car to circle the Green Hell was Nick Heidfeld in a demo in 2007.

Image result for nordschleife lap record porsche 919 hybrid evo

Last year, Porsche set a new lap record around the Nordschleife of 5:19.546s with the 919 Hybrid Evo LMP1 car.