Sainz: No guarantee Verstappen & Leclerc will lead F1 in the future

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Carlos Sainz believes it is too early to suggest Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc will become the next leaders on the Formula 1 grid.

As Lewis Hamilton dominates in the Mercedes, the two 21-year-old's have been proving their talents with brilliant battles in Austria and Silverstone as well as individual performances.

While right now it seems likely they will take over from Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel when they retire, Sainz says one key factor could hold both back.

“To assume that it will be between Verstappen and Leclerc is premature," he was quoted by GPFans.

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"I think the situation in Formula 1 can change enormously in 2021. It could very well be that we see other people fighting in front. It is just a matter of who is currently in the right car.

“If Verstappen joins the right team at the right time, he will win several world championships, but if he isn't, he won't be champion once. That's how it works in Formula 1, unfortunately."

Sainz's own team McLaren is one such outfit looking to return to the front of the grid, as a strong 2019 currently sees them fourth in the Constructors' standings, leading the midfield.

"I hope McLaren can build a car that Lando [Norris] and I can use to fight those guys one day," the Spaniard added.

"That is very frustrating about this sport. It doesn't matter to the athlete in Formula 1. It is not like a 100-metre sprint where the best always wins. I do believe that the best drivers normally end up in the best cars.

“The problem is that there are not enough good cars in Formula 1 to accommodate all good drivers.”