DRS could be gone but not forgotten from F1 in 2021

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Formula 1 is hoping to remove DRS on the new 2021 cars but will still be used if needed, according to RaceFans.

The designs to be introduced after next season see a significant shift from the current philosophy as ground effect aerodynamics will produce the vast majority of the new cars' downforce.

This not means the current front and rear wings will be simpler and less influential but is also expected to significantly reduce the impact of turbulent air on the following car making for more overtaking.

As a result, on the initial windtunnel model revealed last month, DRS does not feature on the rear wing as it is hoped the moveable top flap will no longer be necessary.

However, the RaceFans report does note that the wing is still DRS-compatible, meaning it can be reintroduced if the racing isn't as close as hoped.

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For many, the end of DRS can't come soon enough having been introduced in 2011 as what many call a "band-aid" or "artificial" solution to the problem of today's F1 cars being so aerodynamically sensitive.

Yet such has been the effectiveness of the system, it has also taken away the art of overtaking on many circuits because it is almost impossible for the leading driver to defend his position in the zones where it is active.

If the DRS is still present on the cars at the start of 2021, it is understood to be an FIA decision whether to implement any DRS zones and if not, then its use will be prohibited.