Ferrari use F2 example to raise fears over standard parts

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Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has again voiced his team's opposition to introducing more standard parts from 2021.

As part of the efforts to reduce costs and close competition, Formula 1 is looking to outsource components to a single supplier for parts that are deemed not critical to performance.

Parts like brake systems and wheel rims are just some being considered but Ferrari brought up an example from F2 last year to tout possible issues.

“We believe standardisation may even be a risk for F1 in the future because you don’t know what will be the reliability you may obtain of a standard part at the start,” Binotto said at Monza.

“We have seen the issue if we look back at F2, for example. [Problems with] a standard clutch [meant] for many [two] races they needed to start behind the Safety Car because the clutch was not reliable enough.

“We may accept standardisation but we need to make sure first it’s reliable, that the level of quality is the right one, that the level of performance is what you may expect of F1.”

The Ferrari chief also believes that while standard parts may offer longer-term financial savings, adapting to the new parts won't be cheap.

“You need to make sure as well we do not have extra costs by simply developing a standard component,” Binotto continued.

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“We believe that for most of the standard components we are proposing for 2021 we will all need to redesign our car, we will need to make sure that whatever is the new component is functioning properly.

“That’s extra cost. It’s not a cost you may have for 2021 onwards but it will be extra cost from now to 2021.”