Leclerc only focused on negatives despite recent victories

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Charles Leclerc admits he is only looking at the negatives from his first two Formula 1 victories at Spa and Monza.

The Monegasque enjoyed lights-to-flag successes at both races, holding off the hard-charging Mercedes' while Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel struggled.

But rather than get carried away by finally reaching the top step of the podium, Leclerc insists his focus remains on continually improving.

"At the end the approach is the same, I always focus on the negatives even after a win," he said.

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"After a weekend that maybe looks perfect from the outside there is always something you can improve and especially myself but I am only 21 years old and I’ve got a lot to improve still.

"So I always focus on the negatives and try to understand that and work on that for the race afterwards."

Asked then what those negatives were after Monza, he replied: "I think in the way I built up to qualifying and the race.

"I saw the balance of setup between qualifying and race and I might have compromised a bit more in qualifying to be better in the race," he explained.

"There are still a few things I can improve and these two things this is where my focus is at the moment."

This weekend marks Leclerc's second trip to Singapore, having finished ninth last year at Sauber and, looking ahead, he said there is one key difference he'll make for this weekend.

"It was quite a good race for me last year," he reflected. "But maybe I need to drink more water during the race.

"I normally never drink water and I never ask for water in the car but this year I will definitely have the water."