Gasly: I have 'unfinished business' at Red Bull

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Pierre Gasly claims he deserves a second chance to prove himself at Red Bull, believing he has "unfinished business" with the team.

During the summer break, the Frenchman became just the second driver to be demoted back to Toro Rosso following 12 races when he struggled to compete alongside Max Verstappen and often found himself duelling with the upper-midfield teams.

Recently, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko offered Gasly hope of a return by revealing it was between him and Alex Albon for the second seat next year and the 23-year-old remains determined to take any opportunity.

"I think I'm a positive person in general. I'm also not someone that will give up easily," he said this week in Sochi.

"Basically I don't feel I really had the full chance to prove my full potential during the first six months [at Red Bull]. I feel there is unfinished business.

"At Toro Rosso, I have everything I need to deliver the best performance I can and that's why it's important for me if I was giving my 100 per cent before, to now give my 120 per cent."

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So far Gasly has claimed two top 10's, including a P8 last Sunday in Singapore, and he is adamant that the junior Red Bull team is giving him the platform to make his case.

"I know it wasn't easy during the first six months, but you don't get into Formula 1 by chance," he claimed. "This is something important to prove now and it does feel at Toro Rosso that they're giving me everything I need.

"I didn't have much time to adapt or get used to the car but still it's important for the team, for where they are in the team championship, but also for me to just perform straight away.

"That's what the team is trying to give me right now and it's going in the right direction."