Hamilton: 'Very difficult' to see myself at Ferrari

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Lewis Hamilton has again admitted it is unlikely he will move to Ferrari during his Formula 1 career.

The prospect of the reigning champion joining the Italian team is a tantalising one for many, with Hamilton himself revealing several Tifosi have asked him to join.

However, his relationship with most Ferrari fans remains tense at best, and he while most drivers dream of racing a Prancing Horse, he knows his devotion lies elsewhere.

“I know I look good in red, but it’s a very, very difficult scenario,” Hamilton told Channel 4.

“I’ve been with Mercedes since I was 13. Change is always cool but loyalty is everything, that is why I have this tattoo [on his left arm].

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“I’m not going to be racing forever… what am I going to do in the future? Do I want to remain part of Mercedes doing something quite epic beyond racing?

“If I was, for example, going to shift [teams] then I don’t know what that is going to look like.”

Instead, Mercedes is teasing Hamilton making the switch from F1 to their newly launched Formula E team when he does decide its time for a change.

In the short-term, however, his focus is on the upcoming Japanese Grand Prix, where he anticipates another close fight with Ferrari.

"It's going to be awesome," Hamilton said. "Suzuka is incredible.

"It's one of the most exciting parts of the year and now so more than ever before because you've got three solid, incredibly fast teams, particularly pushing each other and having the ability, the potential to win a race.

"I have no idea who is going to be quickest there. Obviously, at the moment, Ferraris are quite dominant but maybe it will suit our car a little bit more, who knows? Or the Red Bull, maybe.

"So it's exciting to go there because that's a serious driver's track, one of the best ones of the whole year."