Ricciardo not giving up on McLaren fight for P4: 'It can really change'

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Daniel Ricciardo still believes Renault can overhaul McLaren for fourth in the Constructors' standings.

Following strong results in Belgium and Italy, the French manufacturer closed the gap to 18 points, but Singapore and Sochi have swung the pendulum back in McLaren's favour with the difference now 33 points.

It is those big changes in momentum though which offer hope to the Australian that Renault is now out of the fight yet with five races to go.

"We can finish fourth, Monza showed one weekend that it can really change," Ricciardo said via GPToday, noting the 21-point swing at the Italian GP.

"But we need to get both cars in the points. For sure, they're still the favourite, but we could be alright."

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The issue is despite Renault making progress, it is still McLaren that has the better car for all racetrack types, with this weekend's race at Suzuka likely to be a clear case in point.

"I still think they are very good at running high downforce but with low drag," Ricciardo explained. "It seems they can high downforce but still have good straight-line speed.

"Some of it feels like they have a medium drag setting but with high downforce. So they're efficient there. I'd still like to say probably kerbing, the suspension, they seem they can attack the kerbs a bit more.

"So I guess a track like Singapore is where they're strong. Even being behind the car a little bit and seeing parts on the track."