Giovinazzi: I still need to push to keep Alfa Romeo seat

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Antonio Giovinazzi accepts his still needs to produce results if he is to stay at Alfa Romeo in 2020.

The Italian has been showing signs of progress in recent races with two points finishes, but still faces the shadow of Nico Hulkenberg hanging over his seat at the Swiss-based squad.

While any decision may well lie with Ferrari and whether they are prepared to give up their allotted place for a junior driver, Giovinazzi knows his own performance remains crucial. 

“I think I still need to push. [It was] two good positive weekends, Monza and Singapore, but we need to still push,” he told

“Like I say all of the time, I think if I continue with these results, and with this speed, nobody can take my seat for next year.”

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Giovinazzi's story has been one of getting back in the groove as a full-time racing driver having spent almost all of the past two years behind the scenes at Maranello.

And it is only now the 25-year-old believes that his full potential is on show.

“The speed in qualifying was always there compared to Kimi [Raikkonen]. We were always really close in terms of performance, sometimes in front of him, sometimes behind him, but always really close,” he claimed.

“But then the race was the main problem, the management of the race in general. But for two years I just did two races in F1 plus one Le Mans last year. So to come back in F1 with the best category with the best drivers was not easy.

“I think now I’m more comfortable in the race. The pace is also a lot better, and I hope to continue on this way, and I think we are on the right way.”