Verstappen & Leclerc hopeful F1 bosses listening to drivers on 2021

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Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc both hope Formula 1 bosses are listening to the voices of drivers regarding the 2021 rules overhaul.

This is the final month for talks before a final agreement on the new regulations needs to be agreed and drivers have been more involved in the process, offering a view from their perspective.

Proposed changes to the cars and the weekend format have particularly got their attention, with Leclerc claiming the experience those behind the wheel can bring valuable insight.

“It’s very important that we are all united for the same goals,” he said in Sochi.

“Our ideas are clear, what we want, and it’s important that we are involved because we just feel things that sometimes on the data, don’t look the same way."

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The Monegasque does seem satisfied by what he's seen so far, however, adding: “It’s a good step."

The biggest talking point is an idea to introduce qualifying races at a couple of events in 2020, something almost every driver has spoken out against.

Verstappen has been one of them and his message to Liberty Media is clear.

“Us drivers had a meeting with the Formula 1 owners and we spoke a lot about what we want as drivers," he began

“Nothing has been decided but we don’t want something like American wrestling (WWE) where everything is artificial and fake. We made clear that is not what we want.

“I think qualifying is good the way it is. I wouldn’t know how to change it.”