Hamilton could change Ferrari 'for the better' but isn't interested to do so

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Lewis Hamilton has suggested he could change Ferrari "for the better" but has ruled out any suggestion of doing so.

This is just the latest example of the five-time Formula 1 champion brushing off any interest in joining the Italian team, despite constant thoughts from others of 'what if?'.

Throughout, Hamilton has always had the same response of acknowledging the appeal of Ferrari, while confirming his feeling is different.

“For many Ferrari is the last dream of a career,” he said to Swiss newspaper Blick. “I’m not like that.

“Since I was 13 years old, I have belonged to the Mercedes family and that will hardly change.”

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That hasn't stopped Hamilton revealing some Ferrari fans have asked him to join the Scuderia in the future and he does think a stint in red could be successful.

“I have no doubt that I could change some things for the better there,” he commented. “But that is not my goal.

“It took six years to make Mercedes a winning team and keep it at the top. Now we have an atmosphere full of love, appreciation, admiration and respect.

“You do not just give that up.”