Albon plays down pressure at Red Bull, calm on 2020

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Alex Albon insists he is not under pressure from Red Bull as he continues to settle in at the senior team.

The Thai driver is considered the leading candidate between himself, Pierre Gasly and Nico Hulkenberg to partner Max Verstappen in 2020.

This after a solid first four races since replacing Gasly in Belgium, achieving four top-six results and twice coming from the back of the field.

“It’s all been good, there’s a lot of support,” Albon was quoted by

“They’ve been studying me [while I] find my feet and learn from the team, they’re very open to me, asking me questions and that kind of thing. So it has been very open.

“I think people think there is a lot of pressure at the moment, but there really isn’t. For me, it’s learning and seeing how it goes."

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By taking that approach, Albon explains he isn't thinking about the bigger picture of next season though, at the same time, it also allows him to make his case to Red Bull.

“I’m not really focused on next year and all that talk. It’s more just focused on this and the present time, maximising each race," he said.

"Obviously I know that results are what matter at the end of the day but, in the end, there are no targets for me right now.

"It's just about doing the races, there are a few races to go [before Mexico], but they haven't been pushing me or anything like that."

The significance of Mexico being that is when Red Bull is expected to make their 2020 decision.