Wehrlein 'very open' to F1 return after being linked to Campos entry

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Pascal Wehrlein admits he is "very open" to returning to Formula 1 having being linked to a new Campos entry.

The Spanish outfit recently became the second entity to announce their intentions of joining the grid in 2021, as a new budget cap and other regulations come into effect.

F1 though was quick to downplay the possibility, claiming no serious talks had taken place, and Wehrlein acknowledged the situation is currently pretty uncertain.

“Obviously I know Adrian Campos – he was a long-time part of Mahindra,” he revealed to Autosport.

“So that’s how I know him, and obviously the guys from Monaco they are my management so I’m mostly close with them, but I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2021, let’s see.

“I’m open for everything – so obviously if the opportunity would be there and would be a great opportunity I’m very open for it."

Currently, Wehrlein is preparing for his second season in Formula E, with testing for Season 6 kicking off last week in Valencia.

And the German admits his chance to challenge for wins and more in the all-electric series does make an F1 return less appealing.

“I’m not thinking about 2021, we haven’t even started [the] 2020 [season], so I’m just focusing on that and then let’s see," he claimed.

“But also, I’m very happy in Formula E. I want to be competitive, I want to be able to fight for the lead positions, that’s a big priority.

“I had two good years in Formula 1 – it was fun, but in the end, it was not the same feeling as for winning a race.

“My best race was P8 [in the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix] – [so] even though it was a big achievement, or with Manor the P10 [in the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix] – it doesn’t give you the same emotions as winning a race.

“So yeah, I have to see what my priorities are, it’s still too early but obviously I’m open for it [an F1 return].”