Leclerc: Ferrari's Binotto 'all you need' in a team boss

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Charles Leclerc has praised the leadership of Mattia Binotto at Ferrari, suggesting he is "all you need" in a team boss.

The Swiss took over the role from Maurizio Arrivabene for 2019 after reports of a power struggle between the pair and conducted those duties alongside also being the technical director.

Since then, a new structure has and continues to be implemented, but to work with, Leclerc admits Binotto is one of the best.

“He is a quiet person, which is important in an environment like Formula 1,” the Monegasque told Speed Week.

“You are always excited, everything is so fast, therefore, it is important to have a person around you that you can count on and that is quiet.

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“As a boss, he is who he really is and that’s important too, but he can be tough, too, if need be.

“I think that’s all you need when you’re the boss.”

The area Binotto has had to come down particularly hard on is the recent tensions between Leclerc and teammate Sebastian Vettel, notably in Sochi.

“We don’t like to see that, the whole team doesn’t like it and we do not need that in a team so he has to be tough at the moment, and that helps us get it right after that," Leclerc explained.

As for how the Ferrari chief has helped the 22-year-old settle into the Scuderia this year, Charles admits his approach has altered.

“He knows I’m very hard on myself, he adjusts to that when maybe he could have been tougher," he said.

“He wanted to be tougher, but he saw how I messed up and the only thing he tried to do was rebuild me.

“In this season there were some examples, like in Germany, he was there to help me become a better driver after a low point.”