Ferrari & Red Bull happy with 2021 regulations but expect much work ahead

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Ferrari and Red Bull have warned there is much work still to do on developing the new 2021 rules after last week's announcement.

On the deadline day to reach an agreement, Liberty Media revealed the new-look Formula 1 car and the proposed regulations were published after being ratified by the FIA's World Motorsport Council.

A vote among teams and other stakeholders also got unanimous support what had been put forward, however, while the blueprint is now in place, attention is turning to further develop what has been proposed.

“We believe it’s the right moment to look for this continuity. Our sport has to be sustainable, we are all aware of that. We need to work hard as well in the future on a more sustainable, green as well, sport,” Ferrari's Mattia Binotto commented in Austin.

“So there is still much to work on. If there is anything I would avoid, [it is] to say it has been locked on. I think that’s a starting point, we are all together now we need to collaborate.

“The power unit and the fuel, whatever can be done, I think that’s a responsibility we’ve all got together. So far we collaborated well with FIA and F1 but still much to do.”

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Throughout the process, Ferrari's opinion has been closely followed given their right to veto and having initially threatened to quit if they didn't agree with the direction F1 took.

“We voted in favour so we are happy with the new set of regulations,” Binotto stated. “If not happy, at least we are convinced that’s the right way to go.

“For us, [it was] more important to collaborate with F1 and to make sure that by the end of October we got the best package to be voted, and I think that’s where we put our focus and our efforts,” he concluded.

Red Bull's view has swayed a little as they've approved of most of the initiatives but recently, along with Mercedes, called for a delay until 2022 suggesting the lack of a budget cap next year will hurt the goals Liberty want and create a very expensive year for teams.

Overall though, they are satisfied with the path F1 is set to take.

“I think the concept is a good concept,” team boss Christian Horner told Sky Sports. “This high wake and trying to allow the drivers to follow closely I think is a good thing.

“The weight isn’t a good thing,” he noted. “The cars are going to be heavier, we need to get that down.

“But I think the principle of what they’re trying to do is absolutely right. It’s important now that we try to work collectively for whatever areas do need a bit of tidying up that we work together to achieve that for the benefit of the sport.

“Change can sometimes be scary but you’ve got to embrace it and that’s what it is," Horner added.

“We’ll fully embrace it. We’ve got some really clever technical brains that’ll be applying themselves to it as best we can.”